Sastarrain Granja Escuela


Zestoa is 40 km from Donostia / San Sebastian, 80 km of Bilbo / Bilbao and Vitoria / Gasteiz. Bayonne, the capital of the French Basque Country, is 90 km and Iruña / Pamplona 105 km.


From Bilbao and San Sebastian can be reached by train (Euskotren) combined with coach (transshipment Zumaia) and also from Vitoria / Gasteiz (transshipment Zumarraga with the coach). Regular bus service takes very frequent services between the towns of Zumarraga-Zumaia, and Azkoitia Azkoitia-Donostia-Zarautz, with corresponding stops in Zestoa.


Road accesses are really comfortable because Zestoa is just 4 km from junction 12 on the motorway AP-8 (Bilbo-Donostia). This same highway connects with the AP-1 from Vitoria / Gasteiz. The N-634 is 5 km from Zestoa, through the GI-631.


From Zestoa to the farm school and hostel Sastarrain is a distance of 1.7 km. There wheeled vehicle road but walk this distance is saved in a beautiful and comfortable ride. You access to it from the town center, taking the road that leads to the palace of Lili and Ekainberri. After this last point, Sastarrain is just 300 meters down the valley.