Sastarrain Granja Escuela


With us you can make a series of activities that will help you know our environment and customs in an active way. These activities are well suited to enjoy as a group or with family and you will also find in them a useful meeting place for young or older people.


The best way to discover the Basque country is getting down to work. So we offer various workshops that will make your work experience useful and was essential in the trades of the ancient villages: craft bread and sweets, cheese and dairy processing, basketry and leather balls ... and, of course, workshops in the gardens and stables where you come in contact with our animals.


Zestoa is still rural population, so it is the perfect environment to meet the village place. We will accompany you on various routes and discover the secrets of our landscape.



The Basque Mountains are very modest elevations. They are perfect to meet them in paths of the valley and they are not very demanding trails to walk. Sastarrain is at the heart of these mountains. From here we offer several ways to enjoy them; the most popular is on horses back with our Pottokas and or horses.


And the sea, Zumaia is 7 km. This coastal area near Sastarrain is an international point of geological interest. But it is also a point of great biological wealth and tremendous natural beauty. Since Sastarrain we invite you to enjoy this area (known as Geoparke of the coast of Guipuzcoa), with walkers activities, guided tours, boating and ecology workshops.


By car, in the company of our guides and instructors you can also browse our coast and inland mountains. These routes are full of nature and landscape but where there is also room for visits to museums and monuments, markets, boating, dining experiences, rural shows...