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Sastarrain farm school and hostel is located in the centre of the small and pleasant valley of Zestoa in Gipuzkoa, 1.7 km from the main town. In this small valley, there are beautiful examples of Basque Atlantic landscape with its meadows and woods. Also Ekainberri, the original Ekain cave along with its replica museum is located in this town.

The valley was inhabited by various prehistoric ancestors and successively transformed into different historical periods, and so immediately found space for another museum, the Medieval Palace of Lili.


This residue of history, traditional use of the valley for agriculture and livestock make Sastarrain the ideal place to meet the Basque countryside and the first steps of our ancestors.


Zestoa population (3400 inhabitants) is the gateway to Urola valley (Azpeitia, Loiola Azkoitia) and the coast of Guipuzcoa (Zumaia, Deba, Getaria, Zarautz) of which is just 7 km.