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Our gardens, stables, farm and other agricultural facilities are perfect for the development of workshops aimed at knowledge of the Basque countryside. In the natural environment we develop activities and knowledge of the ecology. In the numerous facilities and cultural resources immediate experiences focus on knowing our history and, above all, more remote prehistoric times.

The development of the workshops is always practical, and its axis experimentation process. Thus, for instance bread making, we feel allowing the person to do it feels and experiences more with a hands on approach. For schools, these experiences become cherished memories. The same applies to the contact with animals, especially gratifying experience for school children from urban areas. Then we try to do what has been called environmental education.


All our activities from farm school to environmental education may be accompanied by another, according to the choice of each school. Different leisure activities such as fun adventures and sport to equitation with our pottokas. All areas and rooms are filled with activities day and night.


We therefore believe that Sastarrain is the perfect partner for the development of annual programs of departures and stays for schools. In the following links we present, in blocks, the foundation of our activities.



Ecological routes. Sastarrain Valley is located in the foothills of the Massif Izarraitz, place of unique beauty and ecological value. In this natural setting we run workshops to develop awareness of the environment through ecological routes. These itineraries, different developments, focus on the study of various aspects such as forests, rivers, grasslands, human intervention of the landscape.


Water workshop. In the many streams of clean water and others more vulnerable, a specific water workshop has been created. We intend, through practical methods, to investigate the health of our rivers, approach a conscious and proper water management and publicize its use since ancient times.


Recycling workshop.More than ever it considered a basis of daily living to educate on this idea and promote the benefits of recycling. We set to work developing.



Zestoa is a village of evident rural character. Thus, the environment of the farm school is the traditional landscape of the Basque Country Atlantic: villages, groves and pastures.


In this environment, it integrates Sastarrain more like a village with its orchards, greenhouses, stables and chicken coop. In our own facilities we develop different workshops, trying to give an overview of the animals and the tasks associated to the care and operation of a village.


Food: Bread shop. Know, and experience, the process of making bread: identification of different cereals and flour, yeast, kneading, resting and ... cooking in our own oven.


Food: homemade sweets. The cupcakes not always come wrapped in plastic. Here we learn to do it using only natural ingredients and traditional mode and home. And tucked into flour, we also make donuts, pastries, meringues ...


Food: cheese and other dairy products. See how milk can be transformed into other delicious products only add mysterious, but natural ingredients, is the aim of this workshop. Our hands will cheeses, curds and yogurt made from milk of different animals, the same as we previously visited in the fields and stables.


The work of the village: livestock. A key part of the village is the cattle of which provide a significant amount of resources to the habitants. The idea being that the farm animals are our allies, we must do workshops in our stables, sheds and other facilities. We learn here how to identify different species and apply the type of farming required in order to care for the animals correctly. So we actively participate in all tasks of farming. Finally, and as the best perks to the work, we can ride, school and hack out with the Pottokas, ponies, and horses of Sastarrain.


The work of the village: the garden. Gardening is the other main lifeline of the village. In Sastarrain we have crops, orchards and greenhouses to develop workshops to perform the basic tasks of land preparation, planting, care and harvesting, always focusing on the use of ecological farming practices. Depending on the season, special emphasis on the identification of species and their use becomes useful.


The offices of the village: beekeeping. The world of bees is especially attractive, not only for farm produce, but also by the fascinating way in which a panel is organized and the role that bees meet in the global ecosystem (cases now being even higher today). All these concepts are working in this workshop complete with carrying candles natural beeswax.


Hamlet trades: basketry. Collection, transport, store ... the work of the village were to make baskets and containers. The amount were countless. The development of these vessels was always handmade and this concept is what is working in this workshop. Besides knowing the materials (wicker) and its treatment, each participant develops his own basket, which is a gratifying reminder of their stay in Sastarrain.


The offices of the village: leather balls. The Basque sport is a sport in rural origin, linked to the offices of the village. Among the most popular of these sports is the ball. In this workshop we look at the craftsmanship for each participant to develop their own natural materials. Then, of course, on the pediment we test the result.



Ekain cave was painted 13,000 years ago. That humanity painted beatiful horses on the walls of the cave, the ancestors of the basque horses: the pottokas. It is located at the gates of the farm school. Also just 400 meters away its replica Ekainberri. With the remains of our ancestors in the valley is the site of Irikaitz and lasts to this day with great monuments like those experienced in the Middle Ages Lili Palace,in the town of Zestoa or unexpected places like the spa "Balneario de Cestona". Since Sastarrain organize tours to these places and, above all, activities especially focused on prehistory views.


Life in prehistory: fire. The "discovery" of the fire was one of the greatest milestones in the history of mankind. Of the thousand vicissitudes that were necessary to its domain and different techniques they used in this activity. Here you can learn the different use materials and ways to spark and ignite your campfire naturally.


Life in prehistory: prehistoric tools. The tools are an extension of the hand. With them the chances of survival of our ancestors multiplied and they were straining their ingenuity to reach the sophistication of today. In this session we work on preparing flint arrowheads and, along with other materials collected in the wild, elaborate bows and arrows will test later.


Life in prehistory: prehistoric painting. Since ancient times, humans needed to express themselves artistically. Of wall painting, techniques and meaning, this workshop is unavoidable reference to those of the Ekain cave. In this workshop we look natural pigments in nature to then make paintings on both paper and in stone, finally ended with a visit to a tiny cave.


Archeology. This workshop allows you to experience the techniques of an archaeological dig. Participants will have ample space in the manner of archaeologists are clearing layers of soil and recover verious remains. These remains, which correspond.


Visit Ekainberri. Since Sastarrain is a short distance to Ekainberri (just 400 meters) to the amazing replica of the Ekain cave. Ekainberri have been reproduced most of the orignal paintings of Ekain. Paintings of horses, rocks, water, sounds ... The experience is equivalent to visiting the original cave, producing a fascination that invites you to learn more about humanity that created these paintings. So this view Ekainberri completed with a workshop of prehistoric techniques is a must.